Freak Wave Swamps Canary Islands Passenger Ferry

This is the terrifying moment a massive wave engulfs the deck of a ferry boat drenching screaming passengers.

The ship, making the 30-minute run between Lanzarote and La Graciosa in Spain’s Canary Islands was hit by freak ocean conditions during its four-mile voyage.

Nail-biting phone footage of the Perfect Storm moment shows a huge wave building just before it crashes down on the ferry.

At one point the entire horizon seems to be blotted out by a wall of water as it smashes into the ship.

As the wave hits, sea water floods the decks as passengers scream in panic.

Those closest to the wave’s strike point are seen running further down the deck.

Others stand on tables and chairs and clutch their children to them, apparently scared they would be swept away.

As the wave sweeps through the ferry the footage shows the massive swell moving on through the ocean.

A man can be heard shouting “Calm down!” in Spanish as the footage ends.

Luckily there appear to have been no injuries during the incident.

The Canary Islands were put on yellow alert on 10th March due to worsening sea conditions.

Local media said that weather officials had warned of a risk of coastal flooding especially on the islands’ north and west coasts.

Experts warned that waves hitting the coast could swell to up to 4.5 metres (14.7 feet).