Real-Life Barbie Tells How She Was Robbed While In Her Car

A model known as the ‘Colombian Barbie’ has revealed how she was mugged while she was in her car on the streets of Medellin in Colombia.

Tatiana Murillo, who has more than 700,000 TikTok followers, revealed through tears that she was in the vehicle when she was the victim of the robbery.

The young woman, who has undergone numerous operations and procedures to make herself look like the plastic doll, said: “I was supposed to show you how beautiful my hair turned out, but I just got robbed at eight o’clock at night in Medellin.”

Tatiana, who has over 429,000 followers on Instagram, added: “They just stole my car mirror.”

She said: “At what point is life worth what a car mirror costs?

“They are material things for God’s sake! They burglarised my car and I didn’t cry before, I thank God every day because I’m alive and writing this little message!”

After publishing the message, her followers sent her numerous messages of support and encouragement, reassuring her that the most important thing is that she was unharmed.

Murillo is such a fan of cosmetic procedures that she even paid for a nose job for her daughter Sofia Velez, now 14, two years ago.

And she recently complained about being denied a visa to enter the USA because she has had too much cosmetic surgery.