LGBT Carnival Parade With Children In Lingerie Causes Outrage

A carnival parade featuring young girls wearing lingerie with nipple tassels as they wave rainbow flags has caused outrage and accusations that it sexualised kids.

The parade took place during Carnival in Torrevieja, in Alicante province, on the Costa Blanca, on two occasions, on Sunday, 4th February, and on Saturday, 10th February.

The images show children wearing high heels and dressed in skimpy lingerie with garters and lipstick on, some with black X tassels apparently taped over their nipples, while others carry flags including the Spanish flag and rainbow flags associated with the LGBT community.

The images, reportedly showing adults and children from the Osadia troupe, have caused outrage after being shared online, with Spanish media saying that netizens felt that the costumes “sexualised childhood”.

One post showing the images on X had notched up nearly 600,000 views since being posted yesterday, on 13th February.

Spanish writer Lucia Etxebarria, 57, also commented, asking: “What goes through some people’s minds to dress minors in BDSM attire?

“What kind of father agrees to that and also allows it to be recorded?”

Spanish media said some netizens had problems with the children being made to carry the rainbow flags, but more were outraged at the choice of costumes.

A Spanish foundation called the Abogados Cristianos (Christian Lawyers) announced they had filed a complaint with the authorities against the Osadia troupe, the Torrevieja Carnival Cultural Association and the municipality’s Festival Councilor, Rosario Martinez.

The complaint alleges that the parade broke the Spanish penal code by “using minors for pornographic or exhibitionist shows”.

The authorities are understood to be investigating.