Viral Moment Of Goat On The Roof Of Speeding Truck

This video shows a goat that went from the frying pan into the fire after clambering out of a speeding animal transporter and ending up on the lorry’s roof as it sped down a motorway.

Footage filmed by the passenger of a car going on the A4 motorway in the central Spanish province of Toledo shows the animal coolly resting at the edge of a truck trailer.

A woman can be heard saying “No, no, no” in disbelief as their car overtakes the lorry which appears to be transporting other goats.

Investigations have been launched after the clip, which was reportedly filmed near the town of Tembleque on 4th January, caused a stir on social media.

The Federal Civil Guard’s Nature Protection Service Unit is currently examining the footage.

The driver of the lorry could face charges for endangering the wellbeing of the goat and other motorists, say local media.

Netizens offered mixed reactions to the incident.

User ‘soni_fernandez_perez’ argued: “But if the goat was happy.”

Referring to animal wellbeing concerns in relation to animal transports, ‘ajng18’ asked: “Will you also check the truck?”

‘alvarit0gr’ commented: “I hope you have considered that the goat has decided to get up there by itself. I don’t think the driver put it up there on purpose to earn a bit more.”

And user ‘ispada’ criticised: “Instead of recording, you should signal to the trucker. We record everything, what a shame for society.”

It is unclear whether the authorities managed to track down the truck driver.

The investigation continues.