Petrol Station Robber Insists On Paying For Coke Before Making Gettaway

This is the bizarre moment an armed robber stuffs his pockets with the day’s takings at a petrol station worth 2,000 Euros and then insists on paying for a bottle of Coke before leaving.

Security camera footage from inside the store at the service station in Malaga in Andalusia in southern Spain shows how the felon patiently waits until it is his turn to be served.

As he steps up to the till, he places the half-litre bottle of coke on the desk and lets a woman next to him finish her payment procedure first.

But after his purchase was scanned, he suddenly pulled out a gun and pointed it at the female employee.

The customer next to him appears completely unfazed and may not have even noticed as she is on her phone, and she continues to talk on her phone as she turns and leaves.

The checkout clerk meanwhile raises her arms before handing the cash chests of both of the station’s tills to the robber who wears a black jumper, sunglasses and a white face mask.

Another customer can be seen slowly moving to the side as the gunman carries out the robbery.

The criminal then coolly fills the pockets of his jeans and hoodie with the cash.

But as he grabs the coke bottle once the money has been taken, he then insists on paying for it, waving the money at the staff member and then putting it on the counter.

The felon can be seen starting to run around the corner as soon as he exited the shop.

Andalusian police said he and an accomplice who waited for him on an e-scooter in a nearby park were arrested shortly after the incident around 5pm on 2nd January.

The duo were found to be underaged while the weapon was not a real gun, local media reported on 5th January.

A spokesperson for the police said: “After threatening the employees, he took the money from the cash register, approximately EUR 2,000 (GBP 1,720). Interestingly, before escaping, he even paid for a soda.”

The criminal in the CCTV reportedly is a man of South American origin. It is unclear whether both are still in custody.

Their identities have not been revealed due to privacy regulations.

The police announced: “One of those arrested spontaneously told the officers who arrested him that he intended to buy a scooter with the stolen money.”

The robbery reportedly took place at a Galp station. The Portuguese Galp Energia company operates one of the leading networks of gas stations on the Iberian Peninsula.

The Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office is dealing with the case.

The investigation continues.