Couple Planned To Sacrifice “Possessed” Son In Sahara

A couple who planned to kill their five-year-old son in the Sahara Desert as a sacrifice to an evil spirit they believed was possessing him have been seized by police in Spain.

The parents, not named in local media, were arrested as they were about to board a ferry to Morocco from Algeciras on 21st December.

Investigators say they had been alerted to the couple’s plans by French police after they told a horrified family friend what they planned to do.

Video footage released by Spanish police shows the couple being led away in handcuffs.

Spanish Guardia Civil said in a statement obtained by Newsflash on 30th December: “Just a few days ago, the civil guards of the Algeciras Fiscal and Border Company received a request for urgent collaboration from the French Gendarmerie.

“It needed help to locate a French couple who could be travelling with their five-year-old son to Morocco.

“According to the information transmitted by the French Gendarmerie, the couple had a psychiatric history and had communicated to another person close to them their intentions to travel to the Sahara to sacrifice their son, believing that he was possessed.”

They added: “Given the seriousness of the events, a security device was set up covering the exit points from the peninsula towards Morocco.

“Thanks to that the parents and the minor have been located in a vehicle about to board for Tangier in the facilities of the port of Algeciras.”

Local media reports that the couple are being held in custody.

The son was taken to a juvenile care centre and is expected to be returned to France.