Civi Guard Divers Seize Drugs From Seabed

The Spanish Civil Guard has released footage of a daring operation to recover more than a tonne of cannabis from the bottom of the sea on Spain’s southern coast.

The 35 packs, weighing 1,160 kilogrammes (2,557 lbs), were dumped by a trafficker who fled in a high-speed boat when he was spotted by a Spanish patrol vessel.

The police found some packages of cannabis resin floating on the surface but divers found the bulk of the haul weighed down at the bottom of the Gulf of Almeria off the coast of Andalusia.

Video footage shows police divers bringing the drugs to the surface and hauling them aboard one of their vessels.

Newsflash obtained a statement from the Spanish Civil Guard on 4th August saying: “When the vessel noticed the presence of the Civil Guard patrol boat, it fled, leaving a large number of hashish packages anchored in the sea.

“Thirty-five bales of hashish weighing around 1,160 kilogrammes (2,557 lbs) have been recovered.”

The statement added: “The intervention occurred when a vessel was detected via the Integrated External Surveillance System (SIVE), raising suspicions among the agents as it appeared to be engaged in illicit activities along the western coast of Almeria.

“Consequently, the Provincial Maritime Service of the Civil Guard (Patrullera Río Nacimiento) was promptly activated.

“Upon arrival, the agents observed the vessel speeding away upon detecting the presence of the police.

“Once in the area where the vessel had been, the agents noticed a significant number of bales floating in the sea and anchored with some dead weight.”