Raunchy Macabre Send Off For Latino Mobster

This is the scandalous moment a topless stripper dances with the ashes of a dead drugs mobster during a nearly week-long wake that has sparked outrage.

The controversial farewell to Camilo Parra, a drug trafficker known as ‘Mordelon’, apparently also included guns and a lot of drugs.

The 22-year-old man was reportedly shot and killed in an alleged settling of scores on 22nd November in the commune of El Bosque.

He was the great-nephew of Jorge ‘Chino’ Pinto, a well-known gangster in the area, according to local media.

His relatives had decided to send him off in ‘style’ as they reportedly set up a tent in the middle of the street and continually fired off gunshots.

Shocking footage said to have been recorded during the send-off reveals a real revelry that includes a stripper performing to the rhythm of urban music with a gun in hand.

A man danced next to her and rubbed the urn containing the deceased’s ashes all over her bare breasts.

Residents of San Ramon also complained there were countless fireworks displays during the wake that lasted more than five days.

Witnesses claimed that there are various gunfights involving drug trafficking groups and police personnel, which had them feeling “terrified”.

The mayor of the commune, Gustavo Toro, pleaded for help.

He said: “Indignation and rage to see how the drug traffickers take over the street in La Bandera de San Ramon, to bid farewell to one of their own.

“Several days of fireworks, music, and shootings, while horrified neighbours.

“We have no way to control this.

“These gentlemen took over the street from Thursday [23rd]. They set up the tent.

“I understand that they only delivered the body yesterday [WED], so they hadn’t done anything earlier.

“And with the body present, the party began. Because they are real parties.

“Every time one of their members dies, they will hold these ‘concerts’.”

The local presidential delegate, Constanza Martínez, reported that during the wake, 208 identity checks and 92 vehicle checks were conducted, leading to the detention of five individuals.

Four individuals were apprehended for outstanding orders, and one for carrying a blank-firing weapon.

Police added that several patrol units were deployed to the location from the moment they learned about Mordelon’s death and they are trying to maintain order.