Horned Semi Naked Activists In Mallorca Street In Anti Bullfight Protest

Topless women in with horns on their heads have been holding half naked street sit in Mallorca to protest bullfighting on the Spanish island.

The footage shows the protesters, most of them topless women, in nothing but their undies, lying in the Placa de Cort square in Palma de Majorca while other activists brandish placards and chant (in Spanish): “Mallorca is against bullfighting.”

The protest marked the beginning of bullfighting season on the Spanish island, a holiday hotspot that is popular with tourists.

Local media reported that about 100 activists took part in the protest.


Eliana Guerreno, coordinator of Anima Naturalis, said: “The new conservative government of the Popular Party and VOX are promoting these kinds of spectacles without considering ethical reasons or looking at the low-interest statistics in these types of events.

“Traditions are a way to express who we are, and Balearic society is far from identifying with spilt blood and the last breath of a tortured animal.”

The statement said: “According to official data from the Ministry of Culture, the number of bullfighting events has steadily declined since 2015, excluding the anomalous years of the pandemic.

“According to the same Ministry of Culture, only 8 per cent of the population attended any bullfighting event in the 2018-2019 period. Only 5.9 per cent of them attended a bullfight, novilladas, or rejones in bullrings, and one-fifth of all attendees did so with a free ticket.

“The data also shows that in 2018, 92 per cent of Spain did not attend any bullfighting event. Among the reasons given for not attending, 40 per cent claimed to have no interest in the matter, and 20 per cent simply did not understand it.

“Despite this, it is estimated that more than 9,000 bulls will die, and over 50,000 will be rented to be exploited in popular festivities, destined for the same fate – death – either this year or in the coming years.

“The same study indicates that 80 per cent of bullfighting events in Spain are concentrated in the provinces of Madrid, Toledo, Salamanca, Ávila, and Cuenca.

“Currently, bullfighting has been abolished in the regions of Canarias and Cataluna, and in the Asturias, these types of spectacles have also ceased due to Gijon’s refusal to allow them.

“In the Balearic Islands, legislation was passed in 2017 to follow the steps of other Autonomous Communities that have banned bullfighting.

“However, the Constitutional Court reversed this progress at the request of the government of Mariano Rajoy, who had already declared bullfighting as cultural heritage in 2013.

“In Galicia, bullfights are also disappearing, as they only continue in Pontevedra, with little following and few dates.”