Close Call As Toddler Crawls Out Of Nursery To Main Road

Two shocked motorists have told how they saved a one-and-a-half-year-old girl from being run over after she had been left unattended at a nursery and crawled out onto the street.

The girl’s rescuers, not named in local media, said they found her crying in the middle of the road in Seville, Andalucia, at around 2:30pm on 20th November.

One of them had been riding a motorcycle when he spotted a young woman trying to approach the tot.

The woman signalled him to stop, telling him she was not the child’s mother and needed help getting her off the street.

They moved the little girl away from traffic and immediately alerted the police.

Incredibly, as officers took the girl to the nearest nursery to temporarily leave her in their care, they were met by her mum, who turned out to be an employee.

She claimed she had left the child with one of the caretakers and then went about her duties.

The mum, who was not identified, added that she raised the alarm when she went to check on the girl and saw she was not among the other children.

She faulted the teacher for not paying better attention and allowing the girl to slip outside unnoticed.

The caretaker, on the other hand, blamed the mum for “not closing the door properly” after she left the child in the room.

The daycare centre added that the door had been damaged after a recent storm and it was due to be fixed.

Fortunately, the girl was unharmed and was safely returned to her mother.