Pole Dancing Stunt Causes Backlash In National Park Furore

This is the moment a model sparks a furious backlash as she pole dances in a World Heritage-protected national park for social media likes.

Dancer Ada Bez stripped down to a cutaway leotard to flaunt her moves in a bizarre clip filmed in Tenerife’s Teide National Park in the Spanish Canary Islands.

The park is a UNESCO-protected World Heritage site created around Mount Tiede, one of the world’s tallest volcanoes.

Apparently oblivious to the environmental storm she was whipping up, Bez captioned her Instagram footage: “Vulcano, sun, wind, planet. I feel so alive.”

In the clip, Bez is seen gyrating in a black leotard as she wraps her legs around her portable pole performing acrobatic feats.

However, the video was condemned immediately by social media users who accused her of showing a lack of respect for nature.

Instagram user ‘nw_nicewords’ said: “Didn’t you know that you were in a protected space and you should respect it?”

While ‘orishh_’ commented: “It makes me very sad that you don’t love and respect the ground you walk on.

“And just by collecting a few likes on your Instagram you ignore the fact that there are protected sites.

“That they are natural spaces, that have history and we do not want to lose it. Show the island and enjoy it but without damaging it.”

And ‘linxystense’ wrote: “How much ignorance and lack of respect for our nature, what a sad spectacle we have to endure on the island…”

But unrepentant Bez refused to apologise and accused her critics of being “hateful” racists.

In a reply posted and on 9th November she said: “Dear Canarians. Thank you for all your hateful and racist comments.”

She went on: “The video was taken next to the parking lot on the trekking area Minas de San Jose.

“According to public information on Teide National Park site, authorisation is required for filming for professional and commercial purposes, and none of them applies to my video.

“Clearly filming was held with respect for the land and no damage was done.

“However, it looks like the problem is not really in the filming in this place itself, but more with the type of dance I perform and the fact I was not born here.

“It seems like yall just trying to find cause and outlet for your personal frustrations and rage. And that is your own responsibility.

“Also thank you for invitation “to get the f*ck out” from the island, but according to local law and authorities, I am a legal resident of this place, so I stay here and keep spending my money to support your local businesses and paying my taxes for your parents and grandparents retirements.