Fury Over Artist’s Gay Nativity Scene With Jesus And Two Josephs

An artist who created a gay Christmas nativity scene with two Josephs and a baby Jesus is facing the wrath of traditional worshipers in Spain.

Antonio Jose Borrero Rodriguez says he modelled the scene as a tribute to the LGTBIQ+ community.

The traditional-looking sculpture shows the Bethlehem stable with the baby Jesus in his crib.

But behind him are two Josephs and no Virgin Mary.

And in front of the crib are lambs, donkeys and a shepherd looking on in what could be awe or, perhaps, complete bafflement.

Rodriguez, known as Capi, created the sculpture for a display for Nativity Scene Artists in Seville.

Photo shows a Nativity scene without the Virgin Mary, undated. Antonio Jose Borrero Rodriguez, who created the scene, claimed his aim was inclusivity. (Newsflash)

He told local media: “The baby Jesus, this time, is surrounded by two men.”

But Capi was later forced to apologise after his nativity sparked a huge protest when he posted an image of the scene on social media.

His post on X, formerly Twitter, had said: “A different nativity scene without a virgin but two Saint Josephs challenging norms to promote love and universal acceptance.

“This message of inclusion reminds us that love knows no borders or restriction.”

But within minutes, angry traditionalists condemned the image.

One user raged: “What kind of garbage and heresy is this?”

Another said: “Which woman did that baby come from?”

And a third said sharply: “Did the two Josephs rent a womb from a woman named Mary?”

Photo shows Antonio Jose Borrero Rodriguez, undated. He created a Nativity scene without the Virgin Mary. (Newsflash)

Another said: “It does not challenge or promote anything, it simply lacks the truth.”

Capi said later: “I’ve been called all sorts of things, homophobic, accused of distorting history.”

But he claimed he never intended “to go against the figure of the Virgin Mary or women in general.”

Capi added: “In fact, we could have used two virgins. I apologise, but there is no intention to hurt.”

Rodriguez defended his work, saying: “There’s nothing against women.”

He explained that his nativity scene “is a symbol of inclusion, love, and equality.”

He says he formed the concept with his partner Alberto to show a different side of the nativity story.