Tragedy As Returning Latina Dies In Botched Lipocsuction Op

A 23-year-old mum died and her son has been left orphaned after she suffered complications during a liposuction procedure at a clinic by a doctor who disappeared afterwards.

Tragic Laura Sofia Amaya was described by friends and relatives as a beautiful young woman with a promising future ahead of her after she had moved to Spain to build a new life for her and her son.

Laura, originally from Bogota, Colombia’s capital, had moved to Spain where she had been residing, working, and studying for several years to provide a better life for her family.

She went back to her home country recently with the intention of undergoing the aesthetic procedure and arrived in Bogota with the aim of also collecting her four-year-old son to take him back to Spain after the procedure.

According to Gabriela Duarte, Laura’s cousin, the surgery was performed on September 15th at a clinic named Revovvastylespa, located in the Antonio Narino locality.

The doctor who advised the young woman and her cousin had assured them that everything would go well and that they were in the hands of professionals, which gave confidence to both the victim and her friend.

Gabriela told local media: “We met some friends who told us about the surgeon Brenda Gissel Celeita Angarita, who introduced herself to us as a specialised aesthetic doctor.

“She assured us that there was no risk and even showed us several of her results.

“Her assurances gave us confidence.

“Sofi was going to have liposculpture done, for which she paid COP 7 million [GBP 1,455], and the doctor scheduled her for the procedure in the morning at the clinic.”

Around 1:00 in the afternoon, Laura was supposed to be leaving to recover from her procedure, but her loved ones say she came out in very bad condition.

She even experienced convulsions, which prompted her immediate transfer to the Olaya Polyclinic, where she arrived in a critical state.

Her cousin recounted that at the clinic where the surgery was performed, “they even let her fall off the stretcher.”

Gabriela continued: “She lasted three minutes alive at the Polyclinic and then passed away.

“There was nothing that could be done. Her father identified her.

Laura Sofia Amaya, 23, poses in undated photo. She had complications during a liposculpture procedure and died in Bogota, Colombia. (Newsflash)

“The causes of her death are still under investigation, but we hope that this week the Prosecutor’s Office will inform us about the results of the forensic examination.

“We know that the doctor did the entire procedure by herself, including administering the anesthesia.”

What frustrates her loved ones the most is that the supposed doctor has completely disappeared, erasing all traces of her business.

The victim’s cousin said: “Since it happened, we haven’t heard anything from her.

“She deleted her phone number, erased everything related to the clinic from social media and the internet – there’s nothing left.

“Even her family doesn’t respond to us. The only thing we have is evidence of the conversations we had with her when we arranged the surgery.”

Laura worked as a receptionist at a hotel while studying law.

Her friend mentioned that now, Laura’s four-year-old son is practically orphaned since the biological father never responded, and the victim’s mother is very ill.

Laura’s father is the only one left to take care of him.

She emphasised that this should not have happened and left a message for women not to fall victim to this phenomenon that has already claimed enough victims in Bogota.

“For people considering getting cosmetic surgery, it’s better to rethink it. If it’s not necessary, don’t do it. If you do want to proceed, consult with reputable surgeons and ensure they have good equipment.

“To women, I say let’s raise awareness so that we don’t reach these extremes.”

According to data from the Bogota Health Secretariat, six other women have lost their lives after undergoing cosmetic surgery in just 2023.