King Toro Bull Mauls Calves In Shocking Spectacle

This is the moment a bull is let loose in an arena in northern Spain and proceeds to trample and gore terrified calves during a show for schoolchildren who end up screaming and crying in shock.

The distressing footage shows three calves in the arena when the bull is let loose, with the large animal proceeding to charge at the calves and knock them over, before trampling them and goring them with its horns.

The horrific images were shot in Barbastro, a city in Somontano county, in the province of Huesca, in Aragon.

Children can be heard screaming and crying in shock, with one of the calves left lying motionless on the ground.

Stunned parents can be seen leaving with their children as the people in charge of the show initially do very little to stop the carnage.

Eventually, staff try to lure the bull away from the calves, with some success.

The footage ends as more parents and kids leave the arena, while members of staff do their best to distract the bull and keep it away from the calves.

Spanish media has labelled the event, which took place on Wednesday, 6th September, “sadistic” and “barbaric”.

One outraged mum told local media: “People who went to the bullring didn’t know that was going to happen.

“First, it was the release of the bulls that happened in the evening, and then the ‘RUN, KIDS’ show, which should not be about watching a bull kill three calves.

“Many parents, outraged, left that detestable spectacle. I see that many comments are directed towards the parents who took their children to the bullring, with criticism and insults, and I don’t think it’s fair.

“I am an animal rights advocate, and am anti-bullfighting, and against anything that involves the mistreatment or denigration of a living being.

“But I do believe that if possible, the written text should not imply something that is not true. There has been a mistake, and the municipality will have to acknowledge and accept, I hope, the consequences of such an aberration.”

She added that the brochure about the show “at no point” said “that this barbarity would be part of the show.”

Animal rights organisations have also slammed the incident and the subjection of minors to such cruelty.

The Animalist Party With the Environment (PACMA), formerly called Animalist Party Against the Mistreatment of Animals, a Spanish political party, said: “We sincerely do not understand what they expected to happen, the bull leaves the bullpen in a rage and attacked all the calves that were in the bullring, it was evident that this was going to happen.”

The local Prosecutor’s Office has opened an investigation for animal cruelty.