US Woman Mountaineer Found Dead At Bottom Of Ravine

A 65-year-old female mountaineer from the US has been found dead at the bottom of a ravine after becoming separated from her husband during a climb in Spain.

A desperate nighttime search failed to find the climber after she disappeared during the expedition at Canal de Fabeta, Huesca province, on 9th September.

The American climber’s husband raised the alarm after the pair became separated and she failed to show up at an agreed location.

The footage shows Spanish rescuers searching for the woman, who has not been named, in the pitch-black night.

Then the grim footage cuts to a video of her body being flown out by helicopter the following day after it was finally located.

The woman was found to have sustained fatal injuries in the fall.

Newsflash obtained a statement from the Spanish Civil Guard dated 10th September saying: “Over the weekend, the Aragon rescue teams carried out seven interventions in which seven people were evacuated/helped, one of them was found with injuries which proved to be fatal.”

The woman’s body is set to be autopsied in order to establish an exact cause of death.