Child Rescued After Being Trapped In Playground Attraction

A seven-year-old boy had to be cut free by firefighters after he got his head stuck in between the fingers on the hand of a giant Gulliver figure in a children’s playground.

Video footage of the bizarre rescue shows firefighters trying to widen a gap using a hammer and chisel at the park in Valencia, Spain, on 24th September.

While one firefighter hacks away at the hand, another shields the boy’s head with a blanket.

Others used hacksaws, wedges and clamps to widen gaps in the structure until the lad could wriggle free.

Police cleared the playpark when the boy, not named in local media, began yelling for help as he played on the figure, a giant-sized image of Jonathan Swift’s shipwrecked traveller.

The park was specially built around a huge model of Swift’s character as he arrives shipwrecked in Lilliput, a land populated by tiny people.

Walkways, climbs, and slides for children to play on are built into the figure, which measures up to 70 metres (230 feet) long and nine metres (30 feet) high.

Mayor of Valencia, Maria Jose Catala, said the boy is in good condition and “has not suffered any injuries of any kind”.

She said she had ordered a report into the playpark from safety officials.

Mayor Catala added: “It is one of the most emblematic parks in the city.

“Obviously, very particular situations can happen, but we cannot convey the feeling that it is unsafe.”