Fatal Bull Goring Of Father Of Two In Valencia Fiesta

This is the horrific moment a dad-of-two is fatally gored and another man seriously injured as they are tossed into the air by a bull at a Spanish festival.

Hard-to-watch video footage of the incident shows the two men trapped in the open during the bull run in La Pobla de Farnals, in Valencia, on 23rd September.

As they frantically try to scale a safety barrier, both men are caught on the bull’s horns and tossed high into the air.

Then as they struggle to climb the barrier the bull lowers its horns and strikes again with terrific force.

One man, named as 61-year-old Jose Antonio Subies, is gored deeply just inches away from shocked spectators.

The bull’s left horn can be seen going under his shirt and straight into the right side of his back as the crowd gasps and screams in horror.

He later died at the Valencia Clinical Hospital after surgeons battled to repair catastrophic damage to his liver and right lung.

His pal Vicente Fontestad, 63, is said to be stable in an intensive care unit in hospital after an operation to gore wounds on his legs and injuries to his hands.

Both men had been attending the town’s Bous Al Correr event, which translates as Bulls On the Street.

Subies was identified in Spanish media as the head of leading ceramics firm Pamesa.

His pal runs a large fruit wholesalers.

Organisers of the festival, staged to celebrate the town’s patron saint, have suspended all bull running.

Spanish media reported that Valencia spends EUR 16 million on bullfighting every year out of a total Spain-wide budget of EUR 42 million.

Its high spending on the events has been criticised as cruel by animal rights groups.

Despite being fiercely defended as part of a tradition by some, fewer people in Spain approve of it every year, according to reports.