Wildlife Team Rescue Tormented Bear With A Sore Head

This is the incredible moment wildlife experts save a bear with a very sore head.

The bruin bare had got itself trapped trying to eat the corn inside a plastic storage container in Anllares del Sil, in the Castilla y Leon region in north-western Spain.

But with the container jammed tightly over its entire head, the brown bear was, according to local media, slowly starving to death as it was unable to eat or drink.

One segment of distressing footage shows the brown bear stumbling over a rocky outcrop, unable to see where it is going.

After being tipped off by worried locals, wildlife workers found the trapped bear and tranquilised it on 13th September.

Video footage shows the team cutting off the plastic container before checking the bear for injuries.

The specialist vets rehydrated the bruin with a drip and finally fitted a tracking collar around its neck before it woke up.

Minutes later, the bear came around and, as a final clip reveals, was seen making its way back into the forest….to the forage once more!