Money Heist Star Shows Off Topless On Instagram

A Spanish actress and model who got her big break when she was spotted on Instagram and signed up to star in the romantic drama Amar has rewarded her social media followers with snaps showing that she still has the looks that made her an international star.

Maria Pedraza, 27, had been spotted on the social media platform by film director Esteban Crespo who invited her to attend an audition for the lead role of his debut film Amar.

From there she was catapulted onto the international stage, starting with a role as Alison Parker, the daughter of the British ambassador to Spain in the series Money Heist.

But she has kept her Instagram account which now has almost 11 million followers and in the latest snaps she posted a picture of herself topless on the beach, and then in the second posting is seen completely naked in the shower with only a star to cover one part in order not to get blocked by the app.

Maria Pedraza, 27, poses undated photo. She was in Money Heist and Elite. (@mariapedraza_/Newsflash)

She is apparently relaxing between projects and is currently on holiday in Tarifa which is in the Andalusian province of Cadiz on the Costa de la Luz.

Three years ago she was in a relationship with fellow actor Jaime Lorente, 31.

However, the couple split after just two years of dating. Then Pedraza began a liaison with Alex Gonzalez, 43, after the two met on the set of Toyboy.

Maria Pedraza, 27, poses in Tarifa, Spain, in August, 2023. She was in Money Heist and Elite. (@mariapedraza_/Newsflash)

Here, too, the love affair ended after only two years, according to Spanish media reported.

However, the 27-year-old does not seem to be single at the moment, with a new man already appearing in some shots although his name is not yet known.

Some fans insisted on commenting on the way she changed her friends with one writing: “Maria changes men like underpants.”