Biggest Cocaine Haul As Nearly 10 Tonnes Seized

Police in Spain have pulled off the biggest-ever drug bust as they seized nearly 9.5 tonnes of cocaine hidden inside banana boxes.

The Spanish authorities have revealed that the narcotics were seized during a joint operation between the the National Police and the Tax Agency at the Port of Algeciras, in the province of Cadiz on 23rd August.

The boxes were marked with more than 30 different logos, corresponding to various European criminal networks set to receive the cocaine. The police did not disclose the names of the criminal organisations.

Authorities said in a 31st August statement: “This operation was an unprecedented blow to one of the world’s most significant criminal organizations in the distribution of cocaine, targeting major criminal networks in Europe.”

According to authorities, criminals from Ecuador had a vast network for smuggling drugs into Spain, primarily through the ports of Algeciras and Vigo in the northwest of the country. They utilised an international banana trading company located in the main fruit-exporting port in Ecuador, Machala.

They managed to transport up to 40 containers per month – many of which police said contained drugs.