Police Thwart Columbian Hit Squad In Valencia

Spanish police have arrested four people, two of whom tried to wipe out a businessman in Valencia.

Video footage shows the pair on a motorbike driving up to the car and firing at point-blank range at the vehicle attempting to hit the businessman.

However the bullet failed to strike home before they could fire again, and the business managed to drive off with the hitmen in hot pursuit.

Police say that the pair were to be paid EUR 30,000  for the murder and had already been paid EUR 15,000 in advance.

They said that they had arrested three men and a woman over the crime that took place in the town of Puzol, in Valencia.

As well as the two seen on the motorbike, a third person provided cover for them from the vehicle and the woman was arrested because she tried to hide the attempted murder weapon.

The video was shot last December but police released it on 4th September, with the arrests taking place only recently.