Flaming Bull Gores Absent Minded Fiesta Goer

This is the horrific moment when a terrifying bull with flaming horns batters and gores a young bull runner while he checks his mobile phone at a Spanish fiesta.

The shocking scene was caught on camera at a “bou embolat” (bull with balls) event in Alcasser, Valencia Province, on 30th August.

Footage shows how the muscular bull, which has burning balls of flammable material attached to its horns, spots the young man on a street corner and charges.

Unbelievably, the runner is so distracted fiddling with his mobile phone he does not see the huge steer until the last minute.

Then as he tries to flee, he trips and falls and the bull crashes down on him, battering him into the ground and goring him with its horns.

Horrified spectators can be heard screaming in the background as the runner is left motionless on the road.

After checking the coast is clear, a group of fellow runners surround him and drag him away.

Sources from Alcasser Municipality told local media the victim, who is not a Spanish national, was treated for a non-serious gore wound to the side of his body.

He is reported to be out of danger.

The incident came just one day after an earlier goring in Alcasser.

On 29th August, a 17-year-old boy from Benifaio was injured at another “bou embolat” event.

A fierce bull charged the teenager, pushed him along the ground with its blazing horns, hoisted him into the air twice, and threw him to the ground with a thud.

The teenager did not lose consciousness and managed to protect his face with his hands until the bull backed off.

He eventually managed to pick himself up and stagger behind a fence.

He is also now out of danger.

Alcasser Municipality has sent its wishes to both injured individuals and has called for participants in such events to take precautions.

Animal rights groups call for an end to celebrations involving bulls.