Big Game Hunters Trophies Seized

This is the macabre slaughterhouse nightmare of two big game-hunting fans found with dozens of illegal trophies in their homes.

The sick wildlife harvest was discovered in two homes, located in the towns of Daroca and Manchones respetively, in the Spanish province of Zaragoza, after a year-long investigation.

Gruesome police video footage shows wall after wall crammed with dozens of skulls, horns, heads and stuffed bodies from a number of species.

On the floor of what seems to be a garage, there is the shocking sight of a lioness’ head and skin.

Beside her what seems to be a brown bear has met the same fate.

Elsewhere the footage shows what seems to be an African wildcat called a serval stuffed and mounted.

On the walls, giant boar heads vie for space with the skulls and horns of springbok, impala and gemsbok antelopes.

One set of antlers is used casually as a hatstand for a collection of baseball caps.

Police investigators are seen holding the trophies up to the camera with brass plaques showing that the sick slaughter has been going on since at least 2009.

The inscriptions show that many of the animals were killed in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Namibia.

A collection of photos under some of the skulls seem to show the moment they were killed in the wild.

Many of the remains had never been declared or registered and some are from endangered and protected species, according to local media.

Officers also listed skulls from buffaloes, wolves, foxes, chamois, and wildebeest.

The police, who found firearms in one of the homes, in Manchones, arrested two suspects, who have not been named, after at least 50 of the animal remains were determined to be illegal, having not been declared.

They are also investigating three other suspects for supplying hunting trophies.

The Guardia Civil said in a statement: “The Guardia Civil detained two people and is investigating another three for alleged crimes against flora and fauna in Manchones.

“The agents began the investigation in September 2022, after finding various hunting trophies at a home in Daroca.”