Concern Rises As Two Paddelboarders Fail To Return

There is increasing concern that two paddleboarders who have not been seen since uploading a holiday selfie yesterday may have drowned.

Pals Maxi Ludvik, 29, and Emmanuel Soria, 34, had been staying in Spain’s Costa del Sol and paddled off in the dusk to watch the sunset at sea.

But after setting off from Huelin beach in Malaga on Sunday, 27th August, the friends from Argentina were never seen again.

Emmanuel’s brother Santiago Soria raised the alarm when the pals should have returned but there was still no sign of them.

Maxi Ludvik, 29, poses in undated photo. He and his friend have disappeared after going out to practice a paddle surfing in Malaga, Spain. (@maxiludvik_/Newsflash)

Despite only practising on the board three times before they set off they ignored warnings about strong winds.

Santiago said: “They bought it a month ago on the Internet and they have barely practised three times.

“Since they set off we have not heard from them. But we thought maybe they had gone somewhere else afterwards.”

Chillingly, though, the coastguards found the board floating 15 miles from the Costa del Sol coast on Monday, 28th August, but with no sign of Maxi or Emmanuel.

Now friends and family have shared pictures of the missing pals in a bid to discover what happened to them.