Horrific Fiesta Goring As Bull Tosses Rag Doll Victim

This is the horrific moment a 19-year-old boy is tossed through the air like a rag doll as he is gored during a Spanish bull run.

Gruesome footage from the event in Castalla, Alicante Province, shows how the teen slips on the road as he is fleeing the charging bull.

But as he tries to get up, he is caught instantly on the bull’s razor-sharp horns and thrown around the narrow street.

The bull repeatedly crushes the teen – not named in local media – against the terraced street walls before picking him up with its horns again.

Screaming spectators try to distract the huge bull, but the runner only escapes when he is hurled towards a door and manages to stagger behind a security grille.

The terrifying footage was recorded at the five-day Fiestas de Vaca – or Cow Festivities – in honour of San Roque (Saint Roch) from 12th August.

Local media first reported the incident on 16th August.

Reports said the teen was in stable condition when he was rushed to hospital, where he is being treated for four horn gashes and multiple bruises.

Local official Jose Rico commented: “It’s as if a train ran over him, but the wounds are minor and the boy is in better condition than expected.”

Spanish animal welfare party PACMA took to X (formerly Twitter) to condemn the event.

It wrote: “‘Bous al carrer’ [bulls in the street] events not only cause stress for the bulls but also pose a danger to people.

“This 19-year-old man has been hospitalised with four horn gashes in Castalla (Alicante) after being charged by a bull.

“If these festivities cease to exist, we will spare ourselves from these tragedies.”