First Turtle Hatchlings On Mallorca Holiday Beach

This is the moment a family of loggerhead sea turtle hatchlings emerge for the first time ever on a holiday beach in Mallorca.

The 12 tiny turtles emerged from their nest as marine experts stood by to help them at Can Pere Antoni beach in the city centre of Palma de Majorca, in the eastern Spanish region of Balearic Islands.

Infrared footage shows the youngsters being carefully placed in a container before they were taken to an ocean wildlife centre to ready them for release into the sea.

It was the first time that loggerheads had nested and hatched on the island, say experts.

They emerged on 6th and 7th August, two months after their mother laid the eggs on 7th June.

Dozens of volunteers have been guarding the area near the nest to protect the eggs.

The beach, a narrow stretch of sand right in the city centre, is normally packed with holidaymakers in the summer.

Experts say the new births have probably been caused by rising temperatures and climate change

Anna Torres, the General Director of Natural Environment for the Balearic Islands, said in a statement obtained by Newsflash that high temperatures mean loggerheads are nesting in areas where they did not use to.

Biologists hope to use the turtles as part of a breeding programme before they go back to the wild.

The Loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta) is considered a vulnerable species in the Spanish Catalogue of Threatened Species.

Wildlife officials have asked the public to cooperate and help protect the nests.