Migrants Found Hiding Inside Locked Lorry In Algericas

This is the moment Spanish police  aid a migrant as he lays on the ground coughing and struggling to catch his breath after he and two others were found hiding inside a locked lorry.

The three migrants who apparently tried evading police ended up having to be rescued by them after they nearly suffocated inside the container of a lorry in the port of Algeciras, in the southern Spanish province of Cadiz, Andalucia region.

Officers checking cargo and vehicles in the port heard blows and voices coming from inside a lorry that had come reportedly from Tanger.

The officers unlocked the lorry and found the three migrants from Maghreb nationality, with signs of fatigue and breathing problems.

This clip shows the migrants, whose identities have not been revealed, laying on the ground unable to move and struggling to breathe.

Police said that the migrants had been locked in the fridge container for hours.

The officers did the first aid services and asked for an ambulance.

Paramedics attending the emergency carried all three to the nearby hospital.