Police Arrest 12 In Connection With Sitges Street Brawl

Drinkers who staged a mass brawl on a Spanish road dubbed Street Of Sin have been seized by police in Catalonia.

The huge street battle was filmed as it took place in the Catalan beach town of Sitges, which is popular with tourists on 23rd July, making international headlines.

The brawl took place on Primer de Maig Street – one of the town’s main nightlife strips – and now the Catalan authorities have announced the arrest of 12 people aged 19 to 41 as part of their investigation into the brawl.

The street is widely dubbed “Pecat” – or “Sin” – Street.

The fracas reportedly began as a fight between the bouncer at a venue and a passerby but quickly escalated into a massive altercation involving around 40 people.

The twelve suspects are all reportedly from the Garraf area of Barcelona province.

The footage shows how brawlers attacked each other with chairs, tables, glass bottles, stools, and metal bars.

It also shows how the Mossos d’Esquadra (the Catalan police) and local police officers – many of them women – were powerless to break up the fight or make arrests.

During the fray, two Mossos d’Esquadra officers suffered dislocated joints, while a local police officer received cuts from being hit by a flying glass bottle.

All of them are accused of public disorder, injuries, riotous fighting and attacking police officers.

The arrests were reportedly carried out between 3rd and 7th August as a result of the investigation initiated by the Catalan police, who compared CCTV footage from nightclubs with images from social media.

The incident reportedly began after the bouncer refused entry to a group of people from a family clan, with a number of members then showing up brandishing bottles, glasses, sticks, chairs and other objects that they used as throwing weapons.

The twelve arrested suspects, six of whom have criminal records, testified at police headquarters and are waiting for the judge to summon them.

The police have not ruled out making other arrests.