Club Bouncer Faces Investigation For Punter Chokehold

This is the moment a security guard uses a chokehold to knock out a man who had been bothering clients of a disco pub.

The incident took place around 2am in a disco pub in the town of Almunecar, in the southeastern province of Granada, Andalucia on Friday 4th August.

The video, shared on social networks, shows the security guard grabbing the victim by the neck using what is called a lion killer method.

Spanish Civil Guard reported to local media that the victim was a client of the disco pub, whose name has not been revealed, who had been involved in an argument with the security guards and had thrown stones at the building.

The video shows the security guard using the technique that consists in grabbing the victim from the back and surrounding the neck with the arm, making pressure to reduce the blood arriving to the brain and causing the victim to eventually pass out.

The allegedly argumentative client is then seen fainting and falling on the ground without moving in front of people who are sitting on the pub terrace and pedestrians.

Another guard is seen picking up the stones that the man had reportedly thrown against the bar.

The man reportedly recovered and, apparently undeterred, faced off against the guards again.

Local police of Almunecar went to the place to end the dispute while members of the Civil Guard arrived.

All the people involved in the incident have been identified but it is not mentioned if they have been arrested or charged.

The investigation is ongoing.