Pride Of Spanish Navy El Cano In For Maintenance

The Spanish Navy training ship Juan Sebastian Elcano has been grounded for maintenance after completing its 95th teaching voyage.

The ship arrived at the Navantia shipyards in San Fernando, Cadiz, where it will undergo this year’s scheduled dry dock maintenance.

The ship concluded its journey to San Fernando in the province of Cadiz, Spain on the 21st of July 2023 after visiting various ports, including Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Punta Arenas, El Callao, Cartagena de Indias, Puerto Limon, Pensacola, New York, and finally, the Naval Military School in Marin.

A total of 74 midshipmen embarked on the Juan Sebastian Elcano on January 14th to complete the second semester of their third year of training at the Naval Military School.

During their time on the training ship, they studied specific military subjects, mechanical engineering, and specialised topics such as celestial navigation and ship handling.

Drone-shot footage shows the ship’s manoeuvres as it entered their shipyards in San Fernando.

The ship currently has a crew of 167 permanent sailors.

Additionally, midshipmen from ongoing training promotions bring the total number of personnel to around 250.