Spanish Authorities Seize Europol Fugitives On Holiday

Three of Europe’s most wanted criminals have been seized by police while they were holidaying in eastern Spain .

The trio now face life sentences for drug trafficking and other offences.

The footage shows two of the suspects being arrested by the Spanish Civil Guard.

They can be seen lying on their stomachs as officers place their arms behind their backs and handcuff them.

All three Hungarian nationals were featured on Europol’s ‘Game Over’ list of 50 most wanted criminals in Europe last October.

All members of a Hungarian crime organisation, they had managed to flee their country and hide in Spain under new identities.

The Spanish Civil Guard arrested them in Calpe, Alicante, a few days ago, they said on Wednesday, 2nd August.

Two members of the gang are still being sought by the authorities.

The three captured men could face life in prison in Hungary if found guilty, according to Spanish media.

The criminal organisation they were members of had reportedly created a complex computer-controlled system that automated the cultivation and processing of thousands of cannabis sativa plants in Bacs-Kiskun county, located in south-central Hungary.

The plantation was dismantled at the end of 2021 by the Hungarian police, with them seizing 165 kilogrammes (363 lbs) of cannabis and cocaine and assets valued at more than HUF 380 million (EUR 972,000; GBP 840,000).

Seven members of the organisation were originally identified, with two of them being arrested in Hungary. The five others had European and international arrest warrants issued against them.

Now three of them have been detained, leaving only two on the run.

The suspects have not been named.