76-Year-Old Man In ICU After Fiestas Bull Goring

This is the terrifying moment an OAP is pierced in the leg by the sharp horn of a bull and then lifted into the air by the enraged beast during a Spanish bull run.

The goring, which was filmed by onlookers, took place at the “bous al carrer” bull run in Quartell, Valencia region, on 29th July.

Footage shows two daredevils donning red T-shirts and standing shoulder to shoulder in the middle of a narrow street in front of the bull’s pen.

When the huge animal is released, it only tries to charge the pair the once, despite their taunts.

Then, after seeing a hand waving from the side of the street, the bull immediately runs towards it and gores an elderly man standing behind a security grille.

The unnamed 76-year-old from Rafelbunyol screams in pain as the animal pierces his leg with one of its sharp horns and lifts him into the air.

The injured OAP was rushed to hospital in Sagunto, local media reported. Due to the severity of his injuries, he was admitted to the ICU.

He was later transferred to a hospital in the city of Valencia with a guarded prognosis.

It is not clear if the authorities are investigating the incident.