Wild Boars Hogg The Beach From Marbella Jetset

A pack of wild boars shocked dozens of beachgoers when they stormed the shore and ransacked their trash-filled bags in search of food despite one man trying to chase them off.

The wild animals were spotted among bathers on a beach located about four miles from the city of Marbella, in southern Spain’s Malaga Province during the last weekend of July.

Phone footage shows a family of six boars walking through the sand among stunned tourists.

The animals climb over and under deck chairs, scouring the area for food and digging through garbage bags in search of scraps.

Dozens of bathers carefully back away to avoid frightening the pack or getting accidentally attacked.

However, one man decided not to let the animals get hog the beach and was determined to get his belongings and not have his weekend ruined.

The man, drink in hand, runs after them while shouting to prevent them from approaching.

He half succeeds because the animals retreat a few feet until they climb a sand dune, but they remain there waiting for him to turn away.

A third piece of footage seems to show they soon returned as they can be seen digging through the trash next to his bags.

Wild boars are reportedly often seen around Marbella.

A few years back, the city’s council asked for citizens’ cooperation in hopes of reducing the animals’ presence in urban areas.