100 Kids Evacuated As Wildfires Hit Campsites In Canaries

These bleak images show the fierce wildfires that have forced about 100 children to be evacuated from two campsites in Gran Canaria.

The Civil Guard evacuated the children and supervisors from the Garanon and Camaretas campsites following the blaze that started in Tejeda, on 25th July.

According to sources, around 80 people were moved from the Garanon campsite to a safe area, while 20 minors and supervisors from the Camaretas centre in San Mateo were relocated to the town’s sports centre.

Sources also told local media that evacuation of the Gran Canaria Donkey Recovery Centre was underway. The number of animals relocated at the time of writing was unclear.

Several helicopters have been deployed to combat the blaze on the second-most populous of the Canary Islands.

Officials from various forces have also been deployed around the blaze site to close roads, carry out evacuations, and carry out fire prevention and containment duties.

Footage of the wildfire shows how the sky is completely obscured by grey smoke as flames rip through the dry ground.

The Gran Canaria Fire Department took to social media to write: “The fire is in a critical stage. Firefighting units from Arucas and San Mateo in Gran Canaria have had to evacuate and abandon the work area due to the fire conditions.

“They have withdrawn and relocated to a safe operating zone. Time: 18:03, 25th July.”

At the time of writing, the fire had destroyed 210 hectares (519 acres) of pine forest.

According to the local press, the Civil Guard is investigating a 29-year-old on suspicion of causing the forest fire.

The individual is an employee of a private company that carries out forestry work for the Gran Canaria inter-island council.