Sitges Street Brawl Calls For Action Say Authorities

Shocking phone footage of a massive street brawl has caused local authorities to call for tougher controls of night terraces and bars after spate of sunch incidents in the Catalan beach town of Sitges, which is popular with British tourists.

The brawl took place on Primer de Maig Street – one of the town’s main nightlife strips – in the early hours of 23rd July.

The street is widely dubbed “Pecat” – or “Sin” – Street and there are many such incidents during the peak summer tourist months.

The fracas reportedly began as a fight between the bouncer at a venue and a passerby but quickly escalated into a massive altercation involving around 40 people.

The footage shows how brawlers attacked each other with chairs, tables, glass bottles, stools, and metal bars.

It also shows how Mossos d’Esquadra (Catalan police) and local police officers – many of them women – were powerless to break up the fight or make arrests.

During the fray, two Mossos d’Esquadra suffered dislocated joints, while a local police officer received cuts from being hit by a flying glass bottle.

No arrests were made and no suspects have been identified, as those involved in the skirmish quickly dispersed from the scene.

Paramedics who tended to some of the wounded – including the local police officer – said all the injuries they treated were minor.

The Mossos d’Esquadra are now investigating the incident, which was not the only drama in Catalonia that night.

Another scuffle that took place in Salou, another town popular with Brits, saw several youths attack bouncers with glass bottles outside the Kiss nightclub.

The attack began when the young people tried to get into the club without paying the entry fee and the bouncers noticed and tried to turn them away.

However, instead of leaving, the teenagers tried to force entry by throwing glass bottles at the bouncers, with the staff immediately retaliating.

The suspects started running as soon as they spotted the police arriving on the scene.

One – an 18-year-old – was arrested and taken to hospital with an injury to his face, while the others managed to escape.

He is accused of resisting and disobeying an authority figure.