Tragedy Strikes As Spanish Photographer Falls To His Death In Mexico

A 32-year-old Spanish photographer has died after plunging more than 20 metres through a false ceiling while on the job in Mexico City.

Victim Alberto Clavijo died from respiratory failure in hospital on 20th July, a day after his terrifying plunge at the Bicentennial Park in the Mexican capital.

The fatal fall happened while the Logrono native was snapping an event sponsored by Smirnoff to promote its new vodka in collaboration with the pop group RBD.

The tragic news was delivered by Mexican journalist Daniel Bisogno, who told local media: “A colleague and dear friend of mine fell from a fourth floor.

“He was transported by ambulance, but unfortunately, the doctors at the hospital where they took him could not do anything for him.”

According to Daniel, Alberto and others were getting ready to leave the event when the photographer offered to fetch the others’ jackets from a railing.

As he walked up to the fourth-floor railing, he stood on a false ceiling, which gave way over a 20-metre-plus void.

Daniel said there were no warning signs, and it reportedly took paramedics a long time to arrive on the scene.

The journalist told local media: “In these events, where they care so much about attire and sound, they should be more concerned about the safety of journalists.

“There’s no excuse for Alberto to have been in a place with no warning of danger. The venue should have been protected by security guards.”

Alberto began his photography career in his native Spain, working for magazines including Shangay and Vogue.

He moved to Mexico, where he built up an online following, 12 years ago.

During his career, he worked with the likes of Spanish singer Monica Naranjo and American journalist Alyson Eckmann.

Daniel said: “The Public Ministry is working on the case, there’s an ongoing investigation, and they have classified it as a negligent homicide, against whoever is responsible.”

RBD said in a statement: “All the members of RBD deeply regret what happened this Wednesday at the event for which we were hired by Smirnoff.

“This is a very unfortunate event that deeply breaks our hearts. We send all our love and sincerest condolences to Alberto Clavijo’s family and loved ones.”