Australian Tourist Dies In Mallorca Accidental Balcony Fall

A 54-year-old Australian tourist who had been talking on his phone with his wife died after falling from a third-floor balcony of a hotel on the holiday island of Mallorca.

The incident took place around 11am in a hotel located in the town of Cas Catala, Calvia, in the east of the island.

According to local media, the man, whose name has not been revealed, had fallen down after fainting while talking on the phone with his wife.

He reportedly fell into a restaurant, whose employees were shocked when he came crashing in from above.

He reportedly told her that he was feeling bad before he then fell down from the third floor.

On the way down, his head struck the railings of the balcony on the first floor and he was left lying critically injured on the terrace of the nearby restaurant.

Witnesses called emergency services to attend the victim and an ambulance went to the area. Paramedics tried to save his life for 40 minutes but the man did not respond to the efforts and his death was certified later.

Judicial police officers of the Spanish Civil Guard who went to the area to attend the emergency are investigating the case in order to find out what happened. It is said that they found out that the man allegedly fainted and fell to his death.

The victim’s wife who went to the hotel after the conversation was cut off and broke down in tears when she saw what had happened.

The body of the victim was sent to the Legal Medicine Institute in order to undergo an autopsy and find out the cause of his death.

Local media reported that he was living in Spain but it is not mentioned for how long and where.