Tiktok Shadow Reveals More Than Intended

A TikTok influencer showing off the joy of swimming in the nude ended up revealing more than he bargained for when the sun revealed the shadow of his manhood.

Spanish social media star Carlos Garcia – known as Carliyo to his fans – tried desperately to only show himself above the waist in his footage from Portugal.

But sharp-eyed followers were astonished when some shots revealed the shadow of his genitals in profile.

Carliyo – on holiday with girlfriend Natalia Palacios – wanted to boast online about the beautiful and apparently empty Cordoama beach they were on.

The couple apparently ditched their swimsuits and took a dip in the nude, an experience Carilyo was keen to share.

In the footage, he says: “For the first time in my life due to life situations, because there is absolutely no one on the beach, we have decided to take the swimsuit and put it aside.

“And it is an incredible feeling to bathe in the water with nothing on.”

As he spun around to reveal the empty beach behind him, Carliyo looked down and said coyly: “Sorry, I can’t show you.”

But while he tried to make sure the camerawork stays PG, it was a large shadow seen on the sand that ultimately betrayed him.

And some of Carliyo’s fans – quick with the freeze frame – spotted the cock up instantly.

The video soon went viral and has been viewed more than 25 million times with three million likes and more than 17,000 comments.

Many are about Carliyo’s not-so-tiny slip-up.

His own partner, Natalia Palacios, posted the most liked comment: “Beware of the snake.”

And TikTok user ‘Darien Quishpe’ wrote: “Listen, Natalia is very lucky.”

Another user named ‘Joseillo’ said: “I’ve been stopping the video for 10 minutes.”

And user ‘siuuuu’ commented: “very good but do not trust even your shadow.”

After seeing the messages and realising what had happened, the young man reportedly posted a tweet explaining that it was unintentional and that “the shadow played a joke on him”.