Pamplona Gives Way To “Pumplona” Prank Photobomb

This is the hilarious moment a roly-poly prankster photobombs a social media fitness star’s body-building poses at the Pamplona bull run in Spain´s Navarre province.

Ripped TikTok fitness star ‘FitWilly’ used the event to show off his sculpted physique before the bulls were released.

As he ripples his muscles in classic bodybuilding poses glamorous female influencer Ainara performs beside him.

But the pair are brought down to earth when a bulky intruder shows he thinks their show is more bulls**t than bull run.

As he steps up beside them he pulls up his red T-shirt to reveal his own, er, rippling body while he clutches a drink in one hand.

But instead of muscles, his physique is bulging with flab as he shakes his huge belly and moobs to the delight of passersby.

Two more bull run goers join the group before the video – which emerged on FitWilly’s social media accounts on 7th July – ends.

Netizens were delighted by what had happened.

‘Patricio Alejo’ said: “Well, both physiques are a job to maintain.”

‘Kaitxo-kai’ added: “We see the difference between volume and definition.”

Referring to the bulky photobomber, ‘Ocioydemas’ commented: “I adore that man.”

‘Vanessa too’ emphasised: “Makes it clear that self-confidence has nothing to do with weight.”

But FitWilly – real name Guillermo Herce – had to accept criticism from some of his followers for participating in the bull run.

‘elcesias90’ added: “I know a lot of people are going to criticise me, but I don’t understand the grace of running in front of a scared bull.”

FitWilly – who has almost 700,000 fans on social media – captioned the clip saying: “These things only happen here”.

More than 20 people have been injured during this year’s Pamplona bull run as animal rights activists condemn the event.

A 60-year-old Briton from Wales is among those who had to be hospitalised.

This year’s festival started on 6th July and ends on 14th July.

Sixteen people have died in the annual bull-riding event of Pamplona since 1910.

The most recent human death was in 2009.