Reveller Fined For Dancing On Top Of Police Car

This is the moment a gallant cop helps a girl down from the top of his patrol car where she had been dancing – and then fines her.

The incident in which the young female reveller decided to dance on top of the police patrol car took place during a local festival in the town of Gava in Barcelona province, Spain.

A passerby captured the moment when the girl was dancing on the roof of the Guardia Urbana patrol car while baffled officers wondered how to get her down.

Eventually, it seems as if she has had enough of twerking on the roof and ends up sitting down as a police officer then lifts her up and then places her on the floor.

But a short while later, she was then slapped with an administrative penalty for disobedience to authority which is likely to be up to EUR 600.

The penalty was because she did not immediately come down when instructed to do so by the police.

Her identity was not revealed, but she apparently did not cause any damage to the police patrol car, and was also not violent when they finally removed her from the roof.

The Guardia Urbana, however, confirmed that she was punished for climbing onto the vehicle and refusing to get them straight away when told.

They confirmed that the administrative complaint for disobedience of authority amounts to up to EUR 600.