Daring Migrants Make Broad Daylight Beach Landing

This is the moment stunned holidaymakers look on aghast as migrants arrive on a Spanish beach in a speedboat and then simply disappear.

Footage shows the migrants disembarking from the boat in the resort harbour on the other side of a bay.

Then they sprint up a flight of stairs set into the cliffside to reach the top and seem to simply disappear.

The footage shows a beach lifeguard watching on as holidaymakers leave their sun loungers and stand up for a better view.

One simply mutters “mafia” as he watches the row of migrants running up the steps.

The clips were filmed on the Ensenada de los Galapagos beach in Melilla, the tiny Spanish enclave in North Africa on Sunday, 18th June, at around 2pm.

The speedboat was abandoned after its passengers got off, according to local media.

Moments after the migrants disappeared into the city streets, Spanish police arrived to search for them.

The boat had dodged both Spanish and Moroccan coastguards to land at the beach unchallenged.

The authorities said they have seized three migrants and are searching for 15 more.