Shocking Footage Released Of Revenge Attack In Shopping Car Park

This is the shocking moment three men brutally beat a suspected child harasser with metal bars as he lies on the tarmac of a shopping centre car park covered in blood.

The trio were also filmed kicking their victim in Laredo, Spain, in broad daylight as shocked bystanders looked on.

Footage shows how the bystanders yelled at the attackers in a bid to make them stop, but failed to physically intervene.

After witnesses called the police on 18th June, the three men and the woman seen with them fled the scene in a van.

The Civil Guard later managed to track them down and arrest them in Cicero and Laredo after studying witnesses’ footage of the attack.

The victim, 63, was taken to a local hospital and later transferred to the Marques de Valdecilla Hospital in Santander with a reserved prognosis.

Officials said he suffered “various incised wounds to the scalp and face, along with incised-contused wounds on the left arm, right hand and arm, and both legs” in the attack.

Sources close to the investigation say he was assaulted because he had been harassing two girls, aged 11 and 13, “with sexually explicit messages”.

One of the girls is related to the attackers, say the latter’s relatives.

The metal bars the suspects used to assault him are “commonly used for setting up street stalls”, according to the Civil Guard.

The bars, each more than a metre long, can be seen stained with the victim’s blood in a second piece of footage.

It also shows how the blows were so violent that the bars ended up bent.

The suspects are aged between 28 and 56 and are accused of multiple charges of assault with a dangerous weapon, which carries a five-year prison term.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office is reportedly mulling attempted homicide charges.

The woman has since been released on bail, while the men remain in custody.

As part of the former’s conditional release, she must appear in court and is prohibited from communicating with or approaching the victim.