Base Jumper Leaps From 30th Floor Malaga´s Urban Sky Towers

A daring BASE jumper has managed to climb undetected and leap from the 30th floor of a building in Malaga.

The footage was shot by a bystander who spotted the man standing on the edge of one of the AQ Urban Sky towers, currently under construction near La Rosaleda football stadium in Malaga, in Andalucia in southern Spain.

After leaping into the void, the BASE jumper deployed a parachute and then managed to sell down over the rooftops coming to rest in a park alongside the Guadalmedina river below on Thursday, 22nd June.

The construction company responsible for the project, AQ Acentor, condemned the incident as an “invasion of a construction zone.”

It is believed that the daredevil managed to infiltrate the site by impersonating as one of the many construction workers who frequent the area daily.

Once inside, he gained access to the top floor of the South Tower and carry out his jump.

AQ Acentor which acknowledged that the video was taken as claimed added: “We denounce all illegal activities, including trespassing in restricted construction areas like the AQ Urban Sky towers. The potential consequences of such actions could have been fatal.”

This is as a result they would be reviewing their security to prevent a repeat incident, and if the person carried out can be identified said they would be considering legal action against them and anyone that aided them.