Policeman Accidentally Shot By Colleague After Ricochet Off Armed Attacker

This is the shocking moment a Spanish policeman accidentally shoots his colleague while trying to subdue a thug chasing him with a knife and a hammer.

Investigators believe the bullet bounced off a coin carried by the thug, changed direction, and hit the officer in the stomach.

Locals in Andujar, Andalucia Region, called the emergency services on 11th June after seeing a local man banging aggressively on another man’s door with a hammer.

He was also carrying petrol at the time, according to witness statements.

After police officers and paramedics arrived on the scene, the man reportedly began attacking the officers with the hammer and a knife.

Footage filmed from above shows how the thug chases one of the policemen down the road.

As he lunges at him, the officer discharges his handgun before the two fall to the ground in a struggle.

However, the bullet apparently misses the assailant and hits the other policeman behind him.

The injured officer can be seen suddenly dropping to his knees, clutching his stomach.

Local media said he was taken to hospital in a state of cardiopulmonary arrest with a gunshot wound to his upper abdomen.

Despite resuscitation attempts, he died from his wounds.

The deceased policeman, Juan Jose Lara Egea, was 40 years old, married, and originally from Marmolejo.

The preliminary ballistics report says that the bullet most likely bounced off a coin carried by the assailant, changed direction, and hit Juan Jose.

To local media, National Police sources expressed their regret that he had not been wearing a bulletproof vest at the time.

The deceased man’s colleague was stabbed in the back and suffered minor injuries to his head in the fray, according to reports.

He eventually shot his assailant twice more – in the buttocks and knee – killing him.

Andujar Municipality declared three days of mourning for the fallen National Police officer and lowered the flag over the Town Hall to half-mast.

Acting mayor Pedro Luis Rodriguez called the event “tragic and lamentable”, while mayor-elect Paco Carmona wrote on social media: “My full support to the National Police, professionals who daily risk their lives, as well as to their families.”

The National Police are investigating the incident.