Roma First Communion E-Cigarette & Vape Gifts Cause Consternation

Footage of a young girl being given an e-cigarette and vape cartridges as first-communion gifts has caused consternation in Spain.

According to the anti-smoking association, the clip was filmed in Seville and was later shared on social media.

As of 22nd May, the video had been seen more than 180,000 times. It had apparently been taken down at the time of writing. said in a statement : “The minor, who doesn’t seem to be older than 10 years old, is seen taking out cartridges or pods of all colours and flavours from a gift box, amidst colourful papers.

“Two, four, six… She continues searching. ‘Give me one, give me one,’ shouts one of the cheering children.

“She keeps taking them out until another yells, ‘Sell them!’ ‘There are more, there are more,’ in fact, up to a dozen, a sign that at least a few knew what the gift consisted of, and no dissenting voices are heard.”

The association added that the girl also appeared with a vape hanging around her neck and exhaling smoke. president Raquel Fernandez Megina said: “We need to understand that vaping is smoking. The government must act now and prohibit this industry.

“It’s not about ending a particular flavour; it’s about cutting this problem at its root.

“It’s a harmful and predatory sector, closely related to tobacco, and it will make this girl a smoker before she turns 14.”

According to Spanish law: “It is prohibited to sell or provide tobacco products to persons under 18 years of age, as well as any other product that imitates them and induces smoking.

“In particular, the sale of sweets, snacks, toys, and other objects that resemble tobacco products and may be attractive to minors is prohibited.”

The clip ends with the elated girl finding a latest-generation iPhone, which costs between EUR 1,469 and EUR 2,119 among her gifts.

She can then be seen getting emotional before hugging a woman and a man who appear to be family members, presumably her parents.

The former can be seen clutching an extremely-thick wad of banknotes in one of her hands.

Studies have shown that smoking is a strong part of the cultural, ethnic, and individual identity of Roma, or Romany, people, even among children.