Drugs Fugitive Seized In Spain After Decade On The Run

Police in Spain have arrested the alleged leader of an international network that smuggled drugs into Europe after 10 years on the run.

The alleged trafficker, whose identity is being withheld, was tracked down to Jerez de la Frontera.

This footage shows the moment of his arrest, apparently carried out by plainclothes officers.

He had been living under the radar in different parts of Spain and Portugal for a decade using false ID.

The criminal gang he allegedly led used helicopters to smuggle hashish into Europe.

One such aircraft crashed in 2015, killing two on board. Police officers later seized 900 kilogrammes (1,984 lb) of hashish from the wreckage.

Hashish is a hallucinogenic drug preparation derived from the resin secreted by the flowering tops of cultivated female plants of the genus Cannabis.

The Spanish National Police said in a statement released on 30th May: “Agents of the National Police have arrested a fugitive in Jerez de la Frontera who was leading a criminal organisation dedicated to drug trafficking using helicopters.

The fugitive had five warrants from different national courts and resided between Portugal, Cadiz, and rural areas of Huelva, using false identities and documentation.

He was leading a criminal organisation based in the province of Cadiz since 2014, dedicated to the introduction of hashish into Europe through the use of aircraft.

“The investigation that led to the location of this individual began in 2021 when the agents became aware that the fugitive controlled a criminal structure operating in several countries. Due to the international dimension of the investigation, a European Arrest Warrant was requested.

“Through various checks in collaboration with Portuguese authorities from the ENFAST network, it was discovered that the fugitive changed his location between Portugal, Cadiz, and various rural areas in Huelva.

Additionally, he was using multiple identities and false documentation. Through the investigative work of the agents, the fugitive’s location was narrowed down to the vicinity of Jerez de la Frontera. Finally, the specific address where he seemed to be temporarily residing was identified, and an operation was set up to carry out his arrest.

“The events for which this fugitive was wanted date back to 2014 when the existence of a criminal structure based in the province of Cadiz dedicated to the introduction of hashish into Europe using helicopters was confirmed.

This individual allegedly controlled the entire criminal structure and its activities, even having a helicopter that crashed in the town of Gaucin in 2015, resulting in the death of the two occupants.

Following the accident, 900 kilos of hashish were seized from inside the aircraft.”