Replica Chocolate Whaling Boat Makes Maiden Voyage

This is the oarsome moment a replica rowing whaling boat crafted from 1,700 kilogrammes of chocolate takes the sea on its maiden voyage.

The launch took place in the port of Pasaia, in the province of Gipuzkoa, in the Basque Country, on Thursday, 1st June, after construction initially began on 17th April.

More than 40 confectioners, chefs and boat builders collaborated on melting down the choc and creating the mould.

Video footage of the process shows the nail-biting moment when the chocolate was separated from the wood in one complete piece by chocolatiers from confectioners Gozoa and shipbuilders from vessel factory Albaola.

Two volunteer pastry chefs tried out the vessel for the first time on 1st June in Passia’s port with only guesswork as to whether it would even float and how it would react to the salt water.

Video footage of the launch shows a crowd cheering enthusiastically as the choccy oarsmen take the boat for a circuit of the port without springing a leak.

Local confectioner Lorena Gomez, President of Gozoa, one of the project’s promoters, explained: “The keel, the upper part and the seats are made of wood, but the rest, as well as the base, is made of chocolate.”

Newsflash obtained a statement from confectioners Gozoa saying that the vessel was launched shortly after 2pm after a reception with Xabier Agote, President of Albaola and Lorena Gomez.

Officials declared the boat seaworthy after a debut voyage of 30 minutes, according to local media.

Just in case, two wooden boats were also in the water nearby in case anything went wrong.

The 26-foot (eight-metre) long boat is a replica of an ancient whaling boat built in the city in the 16th century.

The original sank off the coast of Canada after sailing across the Atlantic Ocean.