X Factor Star May Remove Breasts Over Rare Condition

X Factor star Ruth Lorenzo has told how she may have her breasts removed after being diagnosed with a rare condition that means they never stop growing.

Ruth – now 40 -wowed audiences with her amazing talent and hourglass figure during the fifth series of the TV talent show, reaching the quarter-finals.

Now she has revealed the secret medical agony that gave her the figure that made her the envy of millions of fans.

Ruth told a podcast that she suffers from ‘mammary hypertrophy’, which triggers excessive growth of the mammary glands.

She explained: “I’ve had two breast reductions and now I’m going for a third, and on this occasion, it looks like I might go for having my breast tissue completely removed so that I don’t have to go through the operation again.”

Ruth added: “My body is very sensitive to female hormones and my breasts grow non-stop.

“I first noticed it as a teenager. My chest grew so fast, it went from being flat to the point where when I turned up, the kids at school thought I had been stuffing socks in my bra.

“When that happens, you don’t understand your body when you look at it in the mirror.

“It also doesn’t give you the time mentally to develop in a way that you can understand what’s happening to your body. That develops long before your mind is ready for it.”

Ruth explained that her oversized breasts mean she has to watch constantly for health problems.

And she cannot even live a normal day-to-day life without taking precautions like wearing three bras for sports and workouts.

Ruth said: “I am a very active woman, I love sports, and am also not still when I’m on stage, I want to feel that I can open my arms and move around.”

The singer revealed that during her run on X Factor in 2008 she met tragic star Amy Winehouse who dubbed her ‘la tetona’, or ‘the busty one’.

Although she knew it was meant affectionately, it inspired her to be known for her talent rather than her figure.

Ruth – who was born in Spain but grew up in the USA – went on to represent Spain in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, finishing in the top ten.

And she has a string of Spanish chart hits under her belt, including songs she’s written for stars like Danni Minogue.

She achieved a Guinness World Record in 2016 for performing in eight different Spanish cities in 12 hours and in a breast cancer awareness charity event.