Giant Birthday Cake Surprise For Valencia Zoo´s Hippo

This is the moment a three-year-old hippo gets to grips with a massive seven-tier cake created to mark his third birthday.

Keepers at Spain’s BIOPARC Valencia zoo in southern Spain dished up birthday boy Gori a spectacular treat made of kiwi, strawberry, passion fruit and grapes, among other fruits and vegetables.

And as an appetiser, they put tasty jelly treats around the enclosure for the hippos to find.

Footage obtained from the zoo of the Friday, 19th May party shows Gori nibbling delicately at his cake.

Newsflash also obtained a statement from BIOPARC Valencia saying: “The Valencian park houses the only underwater enclosure for hippos in Spain, which has allowed us to host a special birthday party with a spectacular seven-storey cake featuring favourite delicacies.

“All animals are important at BIOPARC and they all receive the best care to guarantee their maximum well-being. But some are especially loved.”

The statement continued: “Gori, the baby hippopotamus (Hippopotamus amphibius) from BIOPARC Valencia, who is three years old today, is one of them.

“He was born during the [coronavirus] lockdowns when only the technical team went to the park daily to keep the facilities in perfect condition and meet the needs of the more than 6,000 animals of 150 different species.”

The zoo added: “With all the love, the animal care staff has prepared an authentic birthday party for Gori the hippo and his family.

“The decoration with a huge, striking, original and delicious birthday cake awaited him at the exit in the area that recreates the great African wetlands.

“Each of the seven layers was made with his favourite ingredients: kiwi, strawberry, passion fruit, grape, etc. And a giant three formed with fruit and vegetables.”