Coffee Liqueur Is The Elixir Of Life Says 106 Year-Old

A 106-year-old Spanish woman has revealed that her secret to long life is a daily shot of coffee liqueur.

Esperanza Cortinas from Ourense, Galicia Region, was born on 4th December 1916 and is still going strong.

She told local media: “I still like to look pretty. And if one day I don’t, my daughter makes me. You have to take care of yourself.

“I go dancing several days a week, play card games, smile a lot, and besides, I have a daily shot of coffee liqueur.”

Esperanza Cortinas, 106, holds a glass with coffee liqueur, undated. She claims the secret of her longevity is a daily shot of coffee liqueur. (Newsflash)

Ourense has over 300,000 inhabitants, with 300 of them over a hundred years old.

Ourense Province is Spain’s longevity capital and, according to a study by the project Ourensividad, is on course to be the world’s longest-living territory in a decade.

Another centenarian, Lolita, who lives close to Esperanza, told local media: “I get in a really bad mood because I can’t do many things on my own, but then it passes.”

Despite her advanced age, she is running to be mayor of the city.

She said: “Politics has become something horrible, I don’t know if anything can be changed anymore.”

Longevity in Ourense has been attributed to its quality of life, thermal baths, locally-sourced food, and absence of pollution-generating industries.